Isonpellontie Housing

B&M Architects’ proposal ‘Nikamat’ won the 1st prize in the invited competition organized by Helsinki city planning department and Helsinki Housing Production Department for the Southern parts of Isonpellontie in Pukinmäki Helsinki.

The task was to design a 12 000 m2 housing block next to the Vantaanjoki river landscape. The design is based on the winning entry.

One of the main ideas was to minimize land use by keeping the buildings right beside the street and to leave as much area as possible for park and riverbank ”as it is”. Apartments are given as much as possible views to different directions in curved set-up – building volumes are laid out in riverbank like meanders. Facades are made using different treatments on same terra-cotta colored concrete to achieve varied effects on different scales.

153 apartments, average size 61 m2

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12 000 m2

City of Helsinki / City planning department KSV & Housing Production Department ATT

Pukinmäki, Helsinki, Finland

Invited competition, 1st prize 2015
Realisation design 2015-2019
Realisation 2017-2019

Grete Laukkanen 

Grete Laukkanen 

Grete Laukkanen 

Grete Laukkanen 

Grete Laukkanen 

Grete Laukkanen 

Grete Laukkanen 




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