B&M 2023 +

Jun 6th, 2023

B&M is developing and growing by joining AINS Group


For more than 30 years, we have designed and built better environments, trusting in the value of collaboration, traditions and development. We are now combining forces with acknowledged architectural studios AW2 Architects and Konkret, and joining the leading Finnish consulting group, AINS Group.


We joined AINS Group at the beginning of June. We will continue our ambitious architectural design and urban planning with our present staff under our own brand.

We will be working alongside two architectural studios, AW2 Architects and Konkret, whose architectural expertise and references perfectly complement ours. We share the same professional ambition and trust in the power of collaboration. The global challenges facing urban and building design in the future can only be answered through multidisciplinary collaboration.

Together, B&M, AW2 and Konkret will form AINS Group’s architectural design division. Our other new Group colleagues are project management and specialist design experts in the fields of construction management, structural engineering, renovation engineering, building engineering and civil engineering.

Together, we will be stronger and more agile in drawing on our traditions and diverse expertise, learning new and finding environmentally, socially and financially sustainable solutions for projects.


What will change in practice at B&M?

Our entire staff will continue in their current positions. Jussi Murole will continue as the director of the studio and a partner. J-P Lehtinen and Tuomas Seppänen will start as new partners.

Our architectural vision, innovation and ability to listen in diverse projects will continue as our most notable strengths.

The versatility and variety of B&M, AW2 and Konkret studios form a resource that we will make the most of. AW2 Architects is well-known as an architectural designer of hospitals, other health-care premises, and public facilities, while Konkret is particularly esteemed as an architectural designer for residential buildings and demanding renovation projects. Our multidisciplinary approach will improve our ability to serve our customers comprehensively.

As part of AINS Group, we are supported by strong technology and engineering expertise, adding our competence to develop solutions for any technical, ecological and financial questions in the projects.


What happens next?

We will begin to develop our collaboration with our new colleagues in AW2, Konkret and AINS Group.

For three decades, B&M has trusted in collaboration in the development of urban environments – and this will not change. Our projects and relationships with our customers and partners will continue unchanged. In the future too, we will remain open to all great collaboration.


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