Bunkkeri Hybrid

Bunkkeri is a deposit storage built to the West Harbour port area in 1970. In the city scape, the role of the building has changed from a landmark to an integrated part of new city structure. Bunkkeri is located centrally along the main street, right next to the passenger terminal and the future sports park.

The reuse of Bunkkeri is a successful example of Public – Private co-operation between the City of Helsinki and construction company SRV. SRV provides innovative end-to-end solutions and assumes customer-focused responsibility for the development, construction and commercialisation of projects.

The design solution emphasizes Bunkkeris status in the new urban structure and respects its distinctive original character, the concrete facades with horizontal windows and the solid canopy. The new structure is a glass crown on the top and in contrast with the existing concrete structure. Once again Bunkkeri will be the landmark and serve as a lighthouse and gate to Helsinki.

Bunkkeri will be a true hybrid – alive 24/7. It combines public education and recreation services with private housing. The public services include a swimming hall and an arena for cultural and sports facilities. At daytime the public facilities serve the pupils of the local schools and rest of the time the common public. Above will be about 300 private apartments, situated around a closed green courtyard, with open views to the surrounding city and the archipelago. The meandering roof surface enables special penthouse apartments on the upper floors. Together with the undulating glass facade it emphasizes the architectural concept based on contrast. Apartments built in the perimeter of the old structure are mostly two-story loft apartments.

Bunkkeri has an impressive structural skeleton with solid ø 3 m concrete columns, in 20 m grid with a bearing capacity 5 tn/sqm. Use of the existing frame and the original materials form a sound basis for ecologically sustainable construction. The concrete elements on the facades will be reconstructed and the impressive columns and beamwork will be preserved wherever possible. The indoor material choices of the new structures aim to form a clear contrast to the raw concrete.

The design of the project started in 2015, the deconstruction and construction will start in 2017. The sports facilities will be finished in 2019 and the apartments a couple of years later.

The project was exhibited in Venice Biennale 2016.


mixed-use, public sport facilities and 300 apartments

50 000 m2

SRV Rakennus Oy

Helsinki, Finland

Model: Jaakko Heliövaara
Video: Matti Kaijansinkko, Aino Salmi, Piotor Pacyna, Archinfo

Realisation competition, winning entry 2016













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