Kehärata, Kivistö Railway Station

The Ring Rail Line is one of the most important public transport projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area, linking the isolated urban areas to the main rail network and Helsinki central station to the airport. Along the new 18-km long line in Vantaa several new city districts are being built for residential and employment use.

The project started in late 1990’s and the line was opened in summer 2015. B&M Architects has been responsible for the preliminary design of seven stations: Tikkurila travel centre, Leinelä, Ruskeasanta, Kivistö, Petas, Vehkala and Vantaankoski. Three stations have been realised by B&M; Kivistö underground station, and Leinelä and Vantaankoski stations. The stations have an important role in forming an image for each of the urban districts. They share a uniform architectural brand, but each station has its own code colour and integrated artwork.

Kivistö station is exhibited in Venice Biennale 2016 in the ‘In Therapy: Nordic Countries Face to Face’ exhibition of the Nordic Pavilion. Kehärata was awarded with Environmental Art Award 2015.

8 000 sq-m2

City of Vantaa, Finnish Rail Administration

Vantaa, Finland

artist in Kvartsiraitti passage: prof. Leonhard Lapin

Completed 2016

KUVIO and Timo Kiukkola









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