B&M Architects Ltd is a leading Helsinki based office practising contemporary architecture, urbanism and development. B&M Architects was established in 1992 by architects Daniel Bruun and Jussi Murole with a stream of international large scale urban and building projects.
The office employs architects and urban planners and collaborates with consultants on engineering, landscape architecture, traffic planning and sustainability. B&M Architects operates internationally on the whole scene of architecture. Projects vary from new cities to detail design, including administrative centers, city centers, housing areas, offices, public and private buildings, apartments, traffic areas and urban landscapes. We have designed realized buildings varying in scale, several hundred thousand square meters in common.
B&M Architects has had projects in 17 countries and prizes in more than 40 international architectural competitions. The works have been published widely in international books and magazines. Our team has many years experience in teaching and Jussi Murole has been the professor of public buildings at the Aalto University Department of Architecture in Helsinki.
The B&M Architects’ design approach is based on cultural, social and ecological values. We believe in practical beauty, functional solutions and human scale. We want to collaborate with our clients in order to create sustainable environment for good life.
From 2023 B&M is part of AINS Group and its architecture industry. Three renown and now integrated architecture offices are B&M, AW2 Architects and Konkret. Combining our shared values and versatility enables an even better service to our clients – and our development together.


Jussi Murole, Head of Studio (B&M), J-P Lehtinen and Tuomas Seppänen. The partners have an extensive range of various projects. They also have many years experience in teaching at the architectural department of the Helsinki University of Technology / Aalto University. Jussi Murole has worked in Aalto University as a professor.

Established 1992
Member of ATL Association of Finnish Architectural Offices from 2000-

Financial rating
AAA-rating / D&B

Quality management
ISO9001 Quality Management System provided by ATL
ISO9001:2008 Audited by Bureau Veritas


Main hardware and software
BIM Information model / Solibri model checker
Graphisoft ArchiCAD
Adobe Design Premium
Affinity Creative Software
Artlantis Render + Maxwell Render + V-Ray
Rhinoceros + Grasshopper
SketchUp Pro
Windows Office


Map of Projects

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