Kera SOK Area

Kera city core area is located in traffic node including interlocking railway, tram, street and bicycle network. The design will connect adjacent offices areas to central park, via core area’s retail and other services e.g. new school centre. As logistics functions have moved from area, large halls are filled with versatile mixed-use temporary services. Logistics halls are thought to be replaced with new city functions in phases.

Design is based on central park connecting to surrounding green areas. Blocks and circular street network are gathered around the central park.

Kera area is designed to be walkable city area, where sustainable development acts as guiding line.

City area

300 500 sqm2


Espoo, Finland

Maisema-arkkitehtitoimisto Maanlumo Oy, Landscape
WSP Finland Oy, Traffic
Skenariolabs, Energy Studies

Preliminary design






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